About Us

Who is Mia Moltrasio?

It is a women's shoes and accessories brand which aims to propose a classic and elegant style and make it different through a careful selection of materials and their combination. The brand was born in Como in 2016 from an idea of Maria Moltrasio who, after years of career spent n global corporations decided to initiate this entrepreneurial journey.

Today Mia Moltrasio is a young, streamlined and women-only (just for now) company that handcrafts its products in Italy and sells them directly to consumers through its own e-commerce or pop up stores.

The beginning: the flat shoes

On tiptoe, but without heels: these were our first steps, in flat shoes. A product that all women have, even if it's hard to admit. Shoes that can be stylish without being fashionable, professional without looking to formal, sporty without being neglected, feminine without being aggressive and sensual for those who know how to wear them.
The debut in autumn 2016 with the pointed toe velvet style with the lace - which became an icon for the brand - combined with a short sock and a jacquard fabric dust-bag, was successful and allowed us to extend our product offering to loafers, sandals, heels and ankle boots.

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

We live in Italy, we love Italy and we produce everything in Italy: from the raw materials to all the handmade processes needed to create our products.
Our shoes are designed, handcrafted and fully finished in Italy with Italian materials and fabrics.
100% Made in Italy and 100% Craftsmanship.
To produce the velvet fabric for our shoes we use the silk from Como, our hometown, the dust-bag is made from the remnants of Como weaving mills.
Because your country leaves a trace in you: Como, the lake, the mountains and also the silkworms.
We like to think that our velvet smells of lake and that Mia Moltrasio helps to support Italy and its craftsmanship.

Direct Relationship

We sell directly to our customers. It's a choice based on several reasons:

  • Outstanding value for money: the very high quality of raw materials and processes translates into a high cost of production. Selling directly, eliminating the middlemen in distribution, allows us to have an exceptional value for money. We are not afraid of any comparison on quality.

  • We remember you: do we call you by name when we talk, we know what you like, we recommend you the right size for a new model. You are the first to have access to the new collection and the only ones to have access to private sales.

  • We listen to you: we restock discontinued models, we add to our collection materials you have suggested, we enhance the construction of the shoe based your feedback.

Wow effect!

Wow! That's the word many of our customers confess to have exclaimed when they received their first pair of Mia Moltrasio.
Maybe it's because they didn't expect a handwritten note that spoke to them.
Maybe it's because they don't expect to receive a reply to a message sent at 11pm.
Maybe it's because they didn't expect such comfortable, high-quality shoes.
Maybe it's because our velvet smell of lake Como.
We don't know what will make you say "wow", but we try our best to surprise you.
Why don't you test us